Trilok Prajapati

One way or another we, the human species surprisingly find ourselves in impeccable adversities and are swooped to the floor from cloud nine making us realize we are not even closely as superior as we make believe. And this makes us prematurely lucky and perpetual idiots at the same time. Lucky because we are given a sponge to scrub all the dirt we come across. And stupid, as we never learn from our adamant mistake, plundering us into the same old pit time and again.

A sacrificial goat is what has become of us. It is bought at a very high price rockets a shallow ego. Proper shelter and foods from the owner only adds up to its hollow façade of eccentric egoism. And so believing it to be absolute the time passes by. Eventually it gets handsome and chubby and gets full of itself. And one day as fate would have it, the fragile façade boasting stupidity crumbles down making the goat realize its mistake but sadly only after gazing at the death and meets a gruesome death to entertain the one holding the rope.

So, who holds the rope- the government or the bureaucrats, one cannot say but it is certainly not us. Only truth that can be proclaimed is no matter how much the technology usher us to the pinnacle of success we will never know what future hold for us and history has been standing tall just to showcase it. But we arrogantly dubious creature never learn anything from history and makes it nothing but a brunt of endless ribbing for a mere fun of gossips.

The United States of America, probably the safest country on earth had an unforeseen tragedy- 9/11. A series of four coordinated terrorist attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al- Qaeda. There were 2,977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries, in addition to at least $ 10 billion in infrastructure and property damage. No one in the world saw it coming, of course, except for the attacker themselves. If a country this powerful can get annihilated this easy, what are the chances that any other country in this world can claim the safety of their countrymen?

Similarly, none of the Nepalese would ever forget the trauma, the helplessness, losses, tears, agony infiltrated by Nepal earthquake of 2015. A severe earthquake that killed about 9000 people, injuring thousands more, and destroying or damaging hundreds of thousands of structures. And the only thing left was despair.

And now we have a global pandemic, COVID 19. The pandemic has led to more than a third of the population being placed on lockdown to stop it from spreading. Hence, a severe economic repercussion for economies across the world. The IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) has stated that the economic decline is “ far worse” than that of the Great Recession in 2009. Unfortunately it does not stop here. Above 270,000 people have already died and the numbers keep on increasing. This is not a terrorist attack, not even a natural disaster, but a virus so infinitesimal yet equally devastating. Nobody foresaw it despite our hundreds of years of investment in science and technology.

We make ourselves believe that we are on top of the pyramid that too with a hollow silhouette. So, a small unforeseen shake of the ground and our knees buckle making us momentarily framed to the spot collapsing everything we built that happened to make us a superior being. Then 9/11 and now COVID-19 is consuming us. The reminder keeps hitting us a like a snoozed alarm to have us wake from our deluded mind which believe we are the special one.
So, after the wake up call what we do? We take refugee to fear.

Underneath the illustration of humanity we now unravel the humility resurfaced by the ignition sparked by the fear. And we called all Muslims terrorists and brand them as the enemy of the world. Now, we blame one another for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Conspiracy Theory. We even let the fear get over our head to an extent that, we demonstrate our might against helpless people who were simply trying to help helpless animals ( a video went viral about it on face book few days back).

It’s time we ponder into the truth of one infamous saying “Get busy living or get busy fearing”. And make sure that fear does not dictate us to make up for our short comings (lack of predicting the probable future). Our struggle against these unknown should be for living not for succumbing without.  Or else these pandemics, natural disaster, terrorism, war between countries (financial, political) will only be a mere means to our own end.

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