– Sachin Timilsena
-Student Lawyer

Is men merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man? – Fried-rich Nietzsche

Hereby, in search of fact, we are just following the myth. Exactly the same thing we are doing in this pendamic situation too. We know what should we do and what we mustn’t. But human nature is opposite of that and we follow again myth.
Worldwide, pendamic virus called Covid 19 spreading rapidly. Firstly it was found in Wuhan of China in December 2019. Now is affecting 199 countries of globe and directly affecting above 5 lakh people of different country. Five people are infected in Nepal too.

The whole world has been stopped. Many of the country announced Lockdown situation. The whole world is weeping in a stage of tragedy and still some country are shouting and blaming each other. Some are raising their voice against China and some are supporting China. Argument has been raising like this:-

– China made biological weapon to defeat and rule over the economy of world. Is this? what do you think about it?
– Cause of this virus stop production lines in factries in other countries. Stock markects to fall and buy the companies of factries at a bargain price.
– Corona virus spread entire whole world from  Wuhan but it did not reach at Beijing and Sanghai.

Yup,, somehow these argument are too have logic though let me put mine opinion on this.

Let’s talk about book named `The Eyes of Darkness´ written by Dean Koontz an American author in 1981. Author has written in chapter 39 of that book. At that point in novel, Koontz describes a Bio-weapon a deadly flu- like virus that if unleashed would lay waste to millions worldwide. He gave the name `Wuhan 400´ to the virus.

Similarly, we can also talk about another book named `End of days´ Prediction and Prophecies about the end of the world by an American author Sylvia Browne in 2008 again.

She wrote in that book at page number 312, second para of that page is ” In around 2020 a serve Pneumonia like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again in ten years later, and then dissipated completely.”

Now after reading review of these two books mine common sense remains the argument which I had listed before given by so called intellectual people of mine country, Nepal and off course the people who broad up with western culture too. I feel personally that they are illogical.
Me too can give logic in this way.

Future and past incident of fact make sure to predict. Just think without any plan for future, how those the author from America predict these all things. They predict because they both know about known rivalry between America and China. And also the prejudiced to show bad image to China. They believe that anyway America cannot defeat with arms and any other  weapons so that they need the help of Bio weapon. So it may not be the only prediction of American author, through them who knows America challenged to the whole world. Now America and the supporter of America are  filing case over China. It may only the attractive action of them.

Nonetheless, we Nepalese people are somehow happy because it provide chance to spend with family member. People of the world with mindset that life only can be think where maximum convenience and material development is situated are living at home quarantine with their only some daily necessary materials or equipment. The villagers are returning and people living in lonely place. People are utilizing and spending there time with their parents on gaining extra knowledge  i:e morals, ethics and humanity. The whole world is against it to control. So, Corona become Social Proximity or closeness neither Social Distancing.

Though, lastly even if we are not in the mood of enjoying too. We must careful about it. Stay Home . Stay alert.
Thank You!!

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